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Anti-Bullying Week

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Whilst I am so grateful that bullying is being recognised at long, long last, I am also SO frustrated because bullying can literally be LIFE changing and often shortens lives of young people who cannot take it anymore.

It is a big factor behind our increasing suicidal rate.

So, whilst we have “awareness” for a week, let us use this week to shout for change, to call for national government laws surrounding bullying which are enforceable and not just left up to schools to write their own.

It is not working.

This needs to be looked at urgently.

So often the “cure” to the problem is the victim moving school.

We need to address the behaviour and psychology of the bullies themselves – because THEY are the root and they also need to control, to manage emotions and! to self-regulate.

Why are they bullies?

What are they scared of?

Where have they learned to be bullies?

No one sits there at 2 years old and thinks “I know, I’ll be a bully when I’m older “.

All behaviour is communication.

For the bullies as well as the victims.

Changing schools because they are failing to address this properly, is not the answer.

For the bully or the victim.


This week I will be making a few videos of therapies, strategies and tools for bullies and their victims regardless of label, background, mobility, or neurodiversity.

There will be lots of INCLUSIVE ideas that EVERYONE can access.

Today I have begun with a yoga video. This is for the more mobile so I shall be making another video later this week for the less mobile or simply if you would prefer gentler, more relaxing yoga!

I have been trained in assisted and seated yoga as well as yoga for autism and ADHD so lots will be coming your way.

Yoga is a fabulous tool to help you BREATHE through such a horrible time; to release anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety – and to boost confidence, self-esteem, the ability to cope and function, to feel motivated and driven again as well as helping with sleep. Self-regulation and managing your emotions also comes with the practice of yoga as well as making you more supple and fit!

Take care of yourselves, keep talking and do not feel alone.

So many survive bullying and go on to do great things.

See you soon, Giuliana

Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
Anti bullying article / Giuliana
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Anti bullying CampaignAnti-Bullying Week – an article by Giuliana Wheater