Our Events

Anna Kennedy Online have three outstanding annual events, Autism’s Got Talent, The Autism Hero Awards and the AKO Autism Expo.

As a small charity dedicated to what we do and the most effective and efficient ways to keep raising Autism Awareness and empowering you.

Please take a look below for details of our annual events and what each one is about as well as our regular workshops!

Autism’s Got Talent Opportunity
Autism’s Got Talent

A showcase of real talent. Since 2012, our legendary show has received high media attention. It features amazingly talented performances by individuals with autism, showcasing their capabilities.

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Autism Hero Awards Opportunity
Autism Hero Awards

Celebrating Excellence. This event showcases and celebrates excellence in the world of Autism. It's a unique opportunity to enhance Autism awareness and acceptance.

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AKO Online Autism Expo Opportunity
AKO Online Autism Expo

Raising Autism Awareness. This expo provides support and information to families and carers. It's a time to meet like-minded people, share stories, and learn about Autism and related conditions.

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Our Workshops Opportunity
Our Workshops

Empowering you. Our workshops provide guidance for individuals on the autism spectrum and parents/carers. Join our Ambassador Paul Isaacs for informative sessions.

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