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Buy your AKO Charity Christmas Cards 2022! (UK Only)

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Each of the previous winning designs from our Christmas Card competition, our talented supporters Chris Rathbone and Natalie Sherriffs, along with previous creations from the talented Patrick Steele-Bodger and our wonderful Ambassador Harvey Price – are all included in each pack of assorted cards.

Please complete your details and payment using the form below:-

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Mayor Backs Milton Keynes Youngest Aspergers Band For Christmas number 1

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On Monday, November 16, 2020 the Mayor of Milton Keynes offered his unconditional support and encouragement on the behalf of all Milton Keynes citizens and the surrounding areas.

The honourable Mayor has said “families particularly those who have had to endure an extremely difficult time during lockdown with children who are on the ASD Spectrum (Autism Spectrum Disorder), are really enjoying the uplifting vibes of this marvellous song that incredibly, this very young amazingly talented trio have written!”

The Stencil Pencils are raising money through sales of the single ‘Its Christmas’  for their chosen charity being Anna Kennedy online!

The Mayor Geary shared:  ‘It’s Christmas’ heralds in and gets everyone into the season to be jolly!” It’s just what we all needed!”.

Please listen to this amazing song: https://ditto.fm/its-christmas-the-stencil-pencils


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